Balestrand Fjord Sightseeing

The tour starts at the touristinformation in Balestrand. First stop is Esebottn. This is one of the most painted wievs in Europe. Then we are heading for the mighty Kvinafossen, a waterfall that falls 120 meters straight down. We stop here and take some time to enjoy the sights and to take photograps. From here the trip goes to Vangsnes on the other side of the fjord with a great view of the Fridtjov statue and then towards to the island of Kvamsøy. This is a small island on a shallow bay -it is said that it was common to stop here to wait for the weather to change. It was also a trading post. The island is also thought to be the smallest in the world with a church. More details about the church here. On the return we will follow the shoreline towards Balestrand and see the dragon and Swiss style villas ,which is Balestrand is known for, from the sea side before returning to Balestrand harbour. DAILY DEPARTURE AT 13.00. The trip must be booked. Meetingspot at the touristinformation in Balestrand. The trip takes about 1h 20min.  Price nok 750 pr.person under 15.

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Bike Rental

Bike rental

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Cider Tasting

The Cider House in Balestrand (Ciderhuset) is a family run micro cidery. We are situated in an organic orchard with a range of different fruits by the Sognefjord. We produce still cider, sparkling cider, fruit wines and brandy. You will be guided by one of the family members through the process of growing and fermenting fruit for cider or brandy. You will get samples of cider from the cider tanks or the kegs. You will also learn about how we treat the cider and the bottles to make sparkling cider the traditional “champaign” way. The interpretation program lasts approx. 30 min. and includes 5 samples of cider. For guests under 18, the ciders are replaced by alcohol-free fruit drinks.

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Heritage Walk

Eli-Grete or Gard tells the story of the art village Balestrand and the people who lived here in the artist colony. In cooperation with Kviknes Hotel the walk starts in Høyviksalen (the Høyvik hall, with furniture made by (great) grandfather Ivar Høyvik). It continues to the harbor, with its living artist scene, and then to St. Olaf’s Church (the English church), the statue of King Bele from the saga of Fritjof the Brave, and some of the characteristic dragon-style villas. The tour ends in the Cider House with a cider tasting and interpretation program.  The tour lasts about 2 hours. Thursdays in July and August at 11:30. Contact us for group tours or to request other days (minimum 15 people).

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Nærøyfjorden RIB Tour

We offer Daily trips to the famous and beautiful Nærøyfjord. The trip will take in total approx. 2,5 hours. The Nærøyfjord is probably one of the most famous fjords in Norway. The trip towards the Nærøyfjord starts in Balestrand situated along the wide Sognefjord. When we travel up the fjord the steep mountains come closer to the fjord shores and when we enter the fjord you will probably understand why it is called the most narrow fjord in the world. Cascading waterfalls, lush green dots of farmland around the shores gives you a feeling that you are surrounded by magnificent nature. We will explore the fjord and usually we will meet wildlife on our way like, eagles, dolphins, otters, and seals. But no guarantee is made…It’s nature after all.   Meetingpiont: Touristinformation in Balestrand 08:45

Orrabenken Hike

Guided hike in the popular mountain trails close to the village centre. This hike is not too challenging and gives you a 3D-view over Balestrand and the Sognefjord. Short break on the top with a soft drink (our local organic produce Balholm). We return another route and end up at the Cider House - a family run micro cidery located in an organic orchard (vineyard).

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Raudmelen Hike

Raudmelen is a mountain which towers 972m over the centre of Balestrand. A hiking trail goes up the mountainside from Balestrand to the top of Raudmelen. This is a demanding hike. From the top you have fantastic views over the Sognefjord, both out towards Stølsheimen and in towards Fjærland and Leikanger. Start: Start by Belehalli sports hall, at the same place as the starting point for the nature trail. Take the red route to Raudmelen. The first part goes along the marked nature trail, but soon turns off upwards. After following the relatively steep path up through the woods it is nice to take a break at Orrabenken (370m) where you get a wonderful view over Balestrand centre and the Sognefjord. From Orrabenken follow the path on upwards. The blue route turns off towards Balastølen and Fjærestedstølen and the red route continues up towards Raudmelen. At Burasi (575m), another fine resting place, you get a marvellous view over Sognefjord and Esefjella. The path goes on up and along the ridge towards the top with wonderful views on both sides. On one side you see down over the green slopes to Balestrand and on the other dramatic rocky mountainsides towards Esedalen. At the top you are rewarded with fantastic views over the Sognefjord. This is a demanding hike and takes approx. 6 hours.

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Snowshoeing Tour in Saurdal

A short snowshoeing tour in Saurdal, over 600 m over sea level. Includes transportation from the Tourist Information office to Saurdal.

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Ticket to Høyangerbadet

Ticket to Høyangerbadet

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